Is it over yet?

In my bio, I wrote that I am the parent of two beautifully evil children. Technically, that statement is only half true, because I am 8 months pregnant with my second child. Even so, she is just as ornery as her older brother. Before you judge me and say ‘how can you say something like that about your unborn child?’, let me explain. I love children. I love my son and I know that I will love my daughter just as much. But being pregnant is a pain in the ass (literally), and I loathe it most days. It is just like being invaded by an alien that is using your body as a host and taking all your nutrients.

During my first pregnancy, I was sick all the time. I didn’t understand why they called it ‘morning sickness’ when I was sick 24/7, for at least the first four months. This pregnancy has been kinder to me regarding morning sickness. Because of that, I was expecting this pregnancy to be much easier to deal with. She even sits higher than my son, which I thought would be easier on my back in the long run. But silly me for wishful thinking.

There are so many aches, so many pains and so much pressure that I feel like I am about to burst. She has my stomach so stretched that I not only have stretch marks, but she is tearing my skin apart. And not to mention that her long body and constant movement is killing my ribs, and all my organs, leaving bruises from the inside, out. Lets not forget to mention the braxton hicks that come and go as they please, especially when I am laying down, trying to get a good nights rest.

All in all, I am ready to have this baby. I am ready to meet the girl that will no doubt look like my husband but take every bit after me, attitude and all.


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