Opinions, opinions and opinions

What is that saying? Oh yea. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Well, if you happen to be part of a family like mine, opinions, whether they are right or wrong, are part of their everyday lives. To people like them, their opinions are above all others, whether they truly know you or not, and they expect you to listen to them. They expect you to be on board with everything that they have to say. Now mind you, I am a person that is full of opinions, and I will freely voice my own opinions when the time calls for it. But that is the difference between my views on opinions and my husbands family’s views. They will voice them until they are red in the face and throwing a temper tantrum, much like my toddler, not caring whether or not they are hurting your feelings. But in MY opinion, when you are voicing your opinion, there is a difference between expressing yourself and just being plain rude. These people do not know how to do that.

The actual definition of opinion, according to google search engine, is ‘a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge’. This does not apply to my husbands family. Whether there are facts brought up or not, they are right and you are wrong because they know everything.

What has brought on my rant you ask? Well, let me explain, because I promise it does have to do with parenting. Ever since I was pregnant with my son, it opened the flood gates and they have yet to stop with their parenting opinions. My son is almost two and I am about to have my second child, and it’s still going on. I hear it every time we visit and it has gotten to the point lately that I am about to burst. Now, normally I can ignore them and let it slide through one ear, out the other. Lately, that hasn’t been the case because now they are overdoing it, going as far as to say that my son talks like he’s ‘retarded’ because he has trouble with certain words. They are starting the stages that I was afraid they would reach and I am having trouble putting up with it just for the sake of my husband.

My point out of this entire rant is that you don’t have to put up with it. As long as you are not physically or mentally harming your child in any way, do what you do as parents. Ignore the people that think they know best. Remember that it’s okay to not listen to others. If you want to breastfeed your child, do it. If you want to formula feed your child, have at it. If you want to dress your child a certain way, who cares? If you decide co-sleeping with your kid is easier, go for it. Do not let others bring you down. Even if the opinions are polite and they only have your best interest at heart, you can still accept or deny what they say. You just have to remember that this is YOUR pregnancy, YOUR baby, and the only opinions that truly matter are your own and your significant others.

Here’s another quote regarding opinions:

‘People have the right to their opinion. You have the right to ignore it.’


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