A mothers work is never done…

As I sit on the couch, looking around the huge mess that I call my home, I am instantly overwhelmed with the amount of work needing to be done. I start making lists in my mind, but I question where I should begin and where I should end. Toys, dirty clothes, boxes filled with items still needing a place to be found. It it overwhelming and makes me want to cry. I begin to get a headache from all my thoughts and finally force myself to stop thinking and take the cleaning one step at a time.

From the overflowing laundry to the toys that scatter across the floor, it seems that a mothers work is never done. In all honesty, it never truly is. Because no matter how much you strive to fold those clothes with the perfect crease, or to organize that giant box of toys (the one filled with so many toys that you wish you could stab the person who bought so many), it will be destroyed, again, by the end of the day. The demon spawn will run through the room, creating havoc in their wake, and everything that you have accomplished will be forgotten.

I have come to realize that this is just part of the process of being a parent. You will constantly be picking up after your children (and your significant other), probably until the day they move out. But even then is unlikely. I saw that today when my mother came to visit this morning. Even though this isn’t her house, and I insisted that she not, she still picked up her grandsons toys out of the living room. (She has always had the habit of taking care of others, even when it isn’t needed.)

My point is, there will always be messes to clean, and there is always be a time to clean them. What is most important is spending time with your children. It’s okay that your house doesn’t stay clean for longer than five seconds, or that the laundry isn’t done the way you want it to be. Play with your kids. Spend time with them, because one day they won’t want anything to do with you. So don’t take anything for granted.


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