What is wrong with the world?

Lately, social media has been taking it’s tole on my emotions. Being an empath (I will go into detail later on in my blog posts about being an empath) makes it that much harder to deal with. From animal abuse posts, to the stories of child neglect, I don’t know which is worse. And every story that I read, it keeps getting worse and worse. People killing animals for fun. Parents abusing their children to death. Pictures of starving puppies, dead cats, and dying children with bruises all over their bodies. Nannies, babysitters and teachers abusing their rights as caretakers of our children. The stories are everywhere and it makes me wonder how much of this is recent, or how much of this has just been covered up to make the world seem nicer than it really is.

The stories about the children truly terrify me, especially the ones about children being abused emotionally and physically by people that we are made to trust. Teachers, babysitters, and nannies, all finding ways to harm our children right under our noses. And then I see the stories about family members abusing children and I get completely sick to my stomach. Now, I know that not every family is full of sickos and weirdos that prey on the children in their families, but it really makes me wonder who we can trust with our kids. How can we expect our kids to be safe, and our sanity to stay intact when so many people are taking advantage of our trust? How can we expect our kids to get a good education when teachers are abusing their rights as teachers and bullying kids, sometimes worse then the students bullying each other themselves?

I know that these worries come with being a parent. Maybe my hormones have been getting me worried a little bit extra lately since I am only a week away from giving birth. Maybe I am worrying a little more than I should, but who can stand to hear these terrible stories and not worry about their children being involved in situations like these? I can’t even answer the simple question ‘what would you do?’. Because so many things run through my head. First, it’s killing the mother fucker who abuses my child. Then my mind runs to calling the authorities, and then I wonder how much they will be able to do. (In the town that I live in, justice isn’t always served fairly, especially when it involves the education system. That’s small towns and connections for you.)

Enough with my rambling on terrible things. Mommy out-



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