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The Terrible Twos


I don’t know why they call it the terrible twos, when it should really be called the terrible toddlers. My son started his ‘terrible twos’ early. He isn’t even two yet (two months shy) and he began these fits of tantrums a few months ago. The fits of anger that result in throwing something across the room, and then proceeding to throw himself on the ground when he doesn’t get his way.

It has been an interesting time dealing with these fits, especially in public while everyone stares at you with bug eyes, like you somehow have complete control over your monster of a child. They happen at least twice a day, normally when he can’t wait for his food or drink, and especially when he asks for something he can’t have. I know that this is all part of the process of parenting, and I am not naive to think that my child would bypass this stage, but damn, I wasn’t expecting to lose my sanity over it. I find myself constantly torn between giving in, so that I may have a few minutes of peace, and standing firm and letting him cry it out. I go with the later of course, because I don’t want him believing that he can get away with murder, but I can’t tell you how many times my strength wavered and I almost caved. Especially on those days where there is a migraine setting in, my patience is wearing thin, and I am one step away from pulling out my hair. Then they look at you with tears in their eyes, like you betrayed them heartlessly, crying like the world is ending. But, I remind myself that I don’t want my children to think that all they have to do is cry to get what they want. So, he runs, throws himself on the floor, cries it out and after the longest five to ten minutes of my life, he stops, gets up and finds something else to occupy him.

I can only hope that the end is near, or at least he settles down before the new baby arrives. I don’t know what I will do if he decides to throw a tantrum while his newborn baby sister is trying to snooze. Fingers crossed that the toddler years are full of smiles and laughs and less angry temper tantrums!


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