No, No, No!


No is a word that I have come to know very well. It has become the word that I say most through the day, even though I get tired of saying it and wish there was something else that could catch the attention of my toddler. It has gotten so bad that I swear, every other word that comes out of my mouth is ‘no’. Its exhausting, especially since it has lost its touch. ‘No’ used to mean tearing your hand away from what you were touching, or run before you get into trouble. Now, all ‘no’ means is ‘I am going to push my mothers buttons and see how far I can get into trouble before she comes to slap my hand’. I especially love it when my devil child looks at me, smiles and then continues to do whatever he started, even though I’ve yelled at him to stop. Even if he listens, there is no winner in this situation because he will throw himself on the ground like the sky is falling and fake-cry his little heart out. At that point I just ignore him until he gets it out.

But no matter how many times he throws a tantrum, it doesn’t get any easier listening to them. Someone asked me once for advice on how to deal with toddler tantrums. I laughed and told them there was no easy way of dealing with them. You just have to be patient, wait them out, don’t give in and cross your fingers that they don’t last longer than a few minutes. Normally, if you distract them enough, they will get out of them quickly and move on to the next thing until they find something that they can’t have. It’s amazing how easy it is for children to get distracted, and then right back into the tantrums that drive you crazy.

Honestly, I know it may seem like the days are long and tiring now, but if you give yourself some time, and can ignore the fake cries then I can promise you that this stage will pass. It won’t be long before the tantrums turn into attitude and back talking, and then you will wish for the screaming back.


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