Colic and How To Deal

Colic. It sucks. Like, really sucks. I can’t explain the emotions you go through when you have a colicky baby. First comes the sadness. You feel terrible that your baby is going through pain. Then comes the frustration, after you have tried everything to get her to feel better. Gas drops, bouncing, the swing, the leveled car seat, cuddling, but nothing works. Then comes the guilt for feeling so frustrated and irritated with your baby because it isn’t her fault, or yours.

After taking her to the pediatricians twice and going through many different types of medication that didn’t help with her acid reflux and the gas pains, they told me she was colicky and gave me medication that she is only allowed so much of. The medication wasn’t working, so I tool her off it (recommended by the pediatrician if it didn’t work). So, to ease my daughters cries and the frustration my husband and I go through, I decided to look up different ways to help with colic.

Sensitive Formula.


My son was on this formula after I realized he suffered from consitatipation, gas and bloating. He got my system, as I am lactose intolerant and the sensitive formula is really great for children with those same issues.

Dr. Brown Bottles.


 I used these with my son because he had problems with gas and bloating. They were wonderful and I switched to these a few days ago, hoping it would help my daughter. It has, tremendously. They help so well with relieving gas from the formula so your baby doesn’t swallow so much air. I love them!

Fennel tea.


I was nervous to try this at first, especially since it’s an herb. But I talked to a lot of mothers with babies that had colic and the pediatrician and they all recommended this remedy. You can buy the tea that’s already in strainer bags, or the loose tea and strain it yourself. I bought the first option, and gave her 1 teaspoon, 3 times a day for a few days, just to test whether it worked or not. It did, helping her a lot with her acid reflux and the gas issues.

With everything that I tried above, she’s gotten so much better and she is much happier now. She still has her moments, but it isn’t as constant as it was before.

(I recommend doing your own research and consulting your doctor before giving your child anything I’ve talked about in the above.)