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Welcome the New Addition


Evelyn Fae Speelman entered the world at 12:04 pm, May 22, 2017. She weighed at a wopping 8 pounds 8.6 ounces and is 20 inches long. She has the dark, native American features of her father, which is a big contrast to my pale skin and blonde hair. If my assumptions are correct, she will have her father’s dark brown eyes as well, since they are already so much darker than my son’s were when he was born.

Late Sunday night, I thought my water broke, so my husband and I went to the ER just in case. I was in there for an hour before they decided to send me home, since there were no contractions and my body was no longer leaking. Well, low and behold, right when I stood up to get dressed, I drenched the floor. Needless to say, I was back in the hospital bed. My contractions began, and soon went the process of having a baby.

Already she is showing how stubborn she is. My contractions were doing fine when they suddenly stopped, like she changed her mind about coming out. Well, they ended up inducing me (something that I was hoping and praying they wouldn’t have to do). A few hours later, she was born. Now, I had never planned on having a natural birth. Call me what you will, but I wanted that epidural and I wanted it badly, but she came too quickly and i had no time.

It was one of the hardest experiences I had ever been through. There was an insane amount of pain, so much so that I can’t even describe it. It was definetely something I will remember forever, and my body has definetely felt it’s better days. My recovery time, though, is going pretty well. I thought that by having a natural birth it would make my recovery more difficult, but it feels the same as my first pregnancy did, sore, aching and bloated.

All in all, my baby is healthy, I am recovering well enough and my husband is enjoying his time with his new daughter that he’s already nicknamed princess. I have a feeling that he’s already wrapped around her little finger.