Day #1

I was finally able to recieve my medication for my post-partum depression from my doctor. I had a little trouble getting it last month because of insurance, but thankfully I got it figured out.

I took my first pill last night, suggested by my doctor and the pharmacist because I am one of those wonderful people that get sick when I take medication. I took it two hours before I went to bed, and I could already feel the affects they warned me about. Dizziness and nausea were felt a little bit the first hour, and then by the second hour it was like I was on a buzz, like I had just drank a full cup of strong wine. It wasn’t a terrible feeling, just really strange.

Besides the side effects, I could feel calmer, but it was a kind of calm I’m not used too. When I’m normally calm, I’m still thinking about the things I need to do. But last night, I sat on the couch and realized that everything was quiet.

I’m not going to lie, it was freaky. I don’t remember a time that my mind wasn’t running in all directions. I told my best friend that it was strange, and I honestly didn’t know if I liked it or not. She told me I’ll get used to it, as she has been on this type of medication before.

To say the least, I don’t like the way I felt last night, although this morning has been much better. I slept off the nausea and dizziness, and now my mind is finally working. It’s still quiet though, which makes me wonder if I will ever get my mind back. I’m afraid this will affect how I work, my writing, and keeping up with my children. We will see.


Total Meltdown


Well this past week has been so much better than I thought! Janie survived, moved past her sickness and is doing so much better than before. I am so grateful.

And then came thursday.

For the past week, my husband and my two children have been fighting off sickness. I am fortunate enough to be taking Zinc vitamins at the sign of any type of illness in my house and didn’t catch anything. Even so, I had to wash everything, sterilize it and make sure my children didn’t get sick from left over germs. Well, this is when the major meltdown hit.

My son carries around a stuffed animal that I have had since I was a kid. It was from the 90’s when Pokemon first came out and it was the biggest thing since sliced bread. Squirtle. Its in perfect condition, as I took very good care of my toys and decided to pass it down to my children one day. Little did I know how important this little stuffed animal would be to my future child.

He loves Squirtle. He takes him everywhere and does everything with him. He squeezes his little head, chokes the poor thing to death, eats with it, drinks with it, watches tv with it, and won’t go to sleep without knowing he is right there with him.

I took it, trying to be sneaky without him seeing, and then plopped him into the washer. But I got caught, like a child doing bad things, and paid for it for two hours. Liam threw himself onto the floor, crying like I had severely hurt him in some way. At first I didn’t know what I did, or what happened. Then he pointed to the washer and kept screaming over and over Twirtle! Twirtle! (Which is his cute 2 year old way of saying Squirtle).

Please tell me Im not alone in this…

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It is time!


As Rafiki states in Disney’s The Lion king, this is the only line that can express the significant toddler milestone that we are about to tackle: Potty Training!!!

I was afraid to start my son too early on potty training because of the move and the new baby. I heard that starting children when there are significant changes in their lives can make potty training more challenging. But, after this past week, I realized that starting potty training is a must.

My little bugger, three days in a row, decided to take off his diaper. Now, it wouldn’t have been so bad if two of the three days worth of diapers weren’t filled with poo. It was disgusting, especially since he decided to take his diaper off in his room around nap time. His room has carpet. It was a mess, and I’d like to never have to scrub human shit off the floor again (though it wasn’t the first time).

I researched different ways to potty train children, particularly little boys. Obviously, you need a training potty, that way they can get the feel of sitting on a real toilet. Letting them customize the toilet can be helpful, with stickers and writing their names on it. Letting them run around without a diaper so they can get the feel of not wearing one. And of course, encouragement is very important, and is a must when trying to teach them. I did all of these things and we had a very successful day Friday. He used the potty, understood what it was used for, and he was a very happy toddler when I encouraged him and congratulated him.

I don’t know if I am ready for this step in his development, but I know that he is. It’s about persistence and continuing to remind them about using the potty. I can’t tell you how many times we go through it in just one day. It can get exhausting, but I highly suggest a schedule. It truly helps, especially in the beginning stages.